Bed Eater: The Movie (2017)

Bed Eater was a food and lifestyle blog created by photographer Amy Wolf and myself, and this comedic mockumentary marked the end of that blog. It chronicles the insane (fake) adventure of Bed Eater's final post. Bed Eater: The Movie showcases entirely improvised acting and is my first feature film and major acting role. It won Best Documentary/Mockumentary at the 3rd Annual Kapow Intergalactic Film Festival in Los Angeles. Listen to an interview about it here.


Credits: Producer, Writer, Director, Editor, Lead Actor 

Fill (2017)

I co-directed and wrote Fill with filmmaker Keith Charba.  Fill is a dark comedy about a man waiting for news of his estranged wife during a supposed alien invasion. 

Credits: Writer, Director, Producer, Editor

She's A Beast (2013)

This comedy/drama was the first film I produced and directed solo. It follows a man at the end of a break up, chronicling his irrational musings about who was at fault.

Credits: Writer, Director, Director of Photography, Editing

Food The Sequel (2012)

This comedic short was my second film with John Ballejo. It is an experimental, absurdist meditation on how we act around food. 

Credits: Writer, Director, Actor, Director of Photography, Editor

Denial; You're In It (2011)

Denial; You're In It was my first film. Made in collaboration with John Ballejo, it is a low-fi satire of the navel-gazing art film. And although I was sixteen when I made it, it still packs some legitimate laughs. 

Credits: Writer, Director, Editor, Actor, Director of Photography

Fill Set 2