Although I only started improvising in 2016, it has quickly become a passion. I am a graduate of The Hideout Theatre, where they specialize in narrative improv.


At The Hideout, I was a cast member of Click Click Whir (improvised steampunk plays), Local on the Eights (improvised local news), and Pirates of Hideout Cove (a pirate-themed show for kids). Most recently, I was part of the The Hideout's Mainstage production, Big Gay Musical, an improvised musical featuring queer stories by an all-queer cast. 

I am a producer of the Big Gay Musical Podcast, inspired by the stage show, which is available on Spotify and iTunes.

I am also part of two improv troupes: Hometown Improv (improvised stories set in strange small towns) and Not Today, Tina!  (a gossip-fueled, semi-experimental duo).

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