Previous Work


I have been producing and directing low-budget films since 2011. Most of my work is comedic, often dealing in absurdism. I love bringing talented people together to do ridiculous things, even if it's only to delight ourselves.

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In addition to my work for middle-grade readers, I also write humor pieces, screenplays, and short stories.


A Lesson Plan for Surviving a Classroom of 2-Year-Old Children

So, You Thought You Could Just Buy That Thrift Store Jacket Without Consequences?

Bed Eater

In November 2016, photographer Amy Wolf and I began the weekly photo blog, "Bed Eater." A satire of food and lifestyle blogs, it featured myself as an unhinged blogger sampling increasingly bizarre recipes while in bed.

After 50 posts, we capped off the project with a feature-length mockumentary about the blogger's final post. The film won Best Documentary/Mockumentary at the Kapow Intergalactic Film Festival.