I have been producing and directing low-budget films since 2011. Most of my work is comedic, often dealing in absurdism. I love bringing talented people together to do ridiculous things, even if it's only to delight ourselves.


Brunch! (2019)

In this absurd comedy, eight women gather for brunch. Unfortunately, artisanal scones and endless mimosas aren't enough to keep their internal conflicts hidden away. Co-created with Keith Charba. Link available upon request.

Credits: writer, director, producer, editor

Bed Eater (2017)

This comedic mockumentary chronicles the insane (fake) adventure of food blogger, Bed Eater, as she creates her final post. Featuring improvised performances, it was my first feature film and major acting role. For more information on the blog and the film, click here.

Credits: producer, writer, director, lead actor, editor

Fill (2017)

Fill is a dark comedy about a man waiting for news of his estranged wife during a supposed alien invasion. Co-created with filmmaker Keith Charba.

Credits: producer, director, writer, editor

She's a Beast (2013)

A satire of a man's irrational reaction to a break-up. This film was funded through my first successful crowd-funding campaign.


Credits: producer, director, writer, editor 

Food the Sequel (2012)

An absurd, experimental meditation on how we act around food. Co-created with artist John Ballejo.

Credits: producer, writer, director, editor

Denial; You're In It (2011)

A satire of the lo-fi, navel-gazing art film, Denial; You're In It was my first film. Co-created with artist John Ballejo.

Credits: producer, writer, director, editor

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