In November 2016, photographer Amy Wolf and I started a weekly blog called Bed Eater. A satire of food and lifestyle blogs, it featured myself (as the insane blogger) eating different types of food in bed. It started out relatively tame, but as each week went by, the ideas for our blog posts increased in their absurdity.


This obviously became exhausting, so we decided that on the blog's one year anniversary, we would terminate it. To commemorate the end of our ridiculous project, we thought it would be nice to make a video. Within a month, that 'video' turned into a full-length mockumentary about Bed Eater's final post. The acting is improvised. The documentary is completely fake, but it was the perfect capstone to the project. Below, you can view the film's insanity or peruse every Bed Eater blog post (in reverse chronological order, use the next button to go back in time).

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